vendredi 13 avril 2007

Gentle, Gentle

For this episode, I chose to be Catherine Willows. One night, a baby, Zack Anderson, was kidnapped and the kidnapper left a letter where there was a ransom demand. I came on the scene crime in the morning and I questioned Mr and Mrs Anderson, Zack’s parents. They gave me a piece Zack's clothing. Then, the dogs went to find Zack. After a couple of minutes, we found Zack’s dead body 500 meters awayfrom Anderson’s house. So, I started my investigation. Warrick sent to me the record of Anderson’s police call. I listened and I didn’t understand how these people killed a baby. The Anderson family was really tired about the investigation and Mrs Anderson took the blame for Zack's death. After searching a long time in the Anderson’s house, I found a pair of tights in Mr Anderson's closet. They were covered by a green substance, a lawn tincture, used on golf courts. At this moment, Warrick came to see me and gave me another call record. Steven, the oldest son, was speaking with his girlfriend while his little brother played with Zack. And, accidentally, he put an oven mitt over his face. Zack was dead in a few minutes. Finally, all charges on Mrs Anderson were given up. Now, I understand why Mrs Anderson pleaded guilty; she didn’t wanther son to know the truth about Zack's death. And I agreed with her.

vendredi 23 février 2007

Justice is served(season 1 episode 20)

Everything started when a jogger was found dead in the mountains. Nick, Warrick and Gill came to the crime scene and began the investigation. This took a very dark side when they realized that the jogger’s liver was missing. The investigation led them to a dog and especially to her owner. After many questions and searching, the three mens found out that the women was sick. She was suffering of porfery, a vampire’s disease. She needed a high rate of heme, a blood substance. So, her dog killed people and she extracted organs with the most blood: the liver, the spleen and or the heart. Then, she ate them! During this time, Catherine and Sara were at the town carnival: a little girl died in the tunnel of love. The first suspect was the Tunnel operator, Jack Pickens, a sex offender on parole. After the interrogation, they released him, for lack of evidence. The two women did some tests and they arrived at the conclusion that nobody could take away the little girl from the small truck, except the person who was sitting next to her, his mother. Newly married, she didn’t want to take care of her girl; she wanted to take advantage of her new bride status.

vendredi 9 février 2007

CSI Introduction

For my TV blog project, I chose CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. This program is inspired by two Las Vegas investigators, Daniel Holstein and Yolanda McCrevy. The show tells the story of seven investigators: Gill Grissom, the head-investigator and an entomology specialist; Catherine Willows, a blood stain specialist; Nick Stokes, a hair and fibre analysis specialist; Warrick Brown, an audio-visual analysis specialist; Sara Sidle, a material analysis specialist and finally Greg Sanders, a DNA analysis specialist. Each of them with their own speciality can solve crimes. Whether if it’s a car crash or a triple murder followed by a suicide with their technological tools and very deep analysis, the guilty doesn’t run far away! I chose this TV program because I love the suspense during the investigation and later, I would like to work in a laboratory to do analysis like they do in the program. I hope to learn about the new technology in analysis.